Serial ESP from Vince Wilson

Mentalism or Bizarre Magic? How about both! Make psychic predictions on the paranormal or murder history!
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Based on an effect by TA Waters (except no paper clips), this amazing new piece by Vince Wilson is great for the Mentalist or Bizarre Magician!

Predict the outcome of an ESP experiment with the Zener Tiles! Your volunteer will be right every time!

Did Jack the Ripper know one of his victims before their horrific murder? Now your one person in your audience will know for sure!

For the first time ever - this new box comes with both sets of tiles and predictions in one hand-aged, leather inlayed box! Red and black faux leather with intricate embossed scroll work give the two sections of the case just the right vintage look!

*books, papers, candle, and knife, etc are not included.

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